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The Cast of Goofalot

Brendan McClure

Creator and Master of Goofalot (1901-EOG, with small incident in 1903)

Goofy claim to fame: The name "GoofMaster"
Pet peeves: Rob Addison

Daniel Mehkeri

Italy 1 (S1901M - W1903B)
Master 2 (W1903B)
France 2 (W1903B - EOG)

Goofy claim to fame: Being a silly, quacking FoolMaster
Pet Peeves: Having people mistake him for Brendan.

Rob Addison a.k.a Petr Laahi, Avery Khulna, Edward M. Lee, Jamie Post

Austria 2 (F1904B - EOG)
England 2 (S1906 - EOG)
Germany 2 (S1906)
Russia 2 (F1909 - EOG)
Turkey 2 (S1907M - EOG)

Goofy claim to fame: _Secretly_ playing five powers simultaneously
Pet Peeves: People who download his games and don't pay him five bucks

Bryan Cogswell

Austria 1 (S1901M - F1904B)
Italy 3 (F1905M - EOG)

Goofy claim to fame: Being the "Yoko" to Rob's "John"
Pet Peeves: People guessing his password is "Bryan"

Tom Ogas

Germany 1 (S1901M - EOG, with small incident in 1906)

Goofy claim to fame: Not knowing how grey press works, winning "Goofalot"
Pet Peeves: Losing "Goofalot"


Josh Burton

England 1 (S1901M - S1906M)
Turkey 1 (F1906M - S1907M)

Goofy claim to fame: Giant presses that no one reads. Received many votes in the hope it would shut him up.
Pet Peeves: Needs Palm Pilot to keep track of British Parliment

David Dickens

France 1 (S1901M - W1903B)
Italy 2 (W1903B - F1905M)

Goofy claim to fame: Metagoofing over votes
Pet Peeves: Falling asleep in Paris, waking in Rome
Neil Hatherly

Russia 1 (S1901 - F1909M)
Goofy claim to fame: One year, no votes received
Pet Peeves: Being ungoofy isn't goofy
Matthew G. Linkert

Turkey 1 (S1901M - F1906M)

Goofy claim to fame: Bringing to the universe the only gay, dancing Klingon
Pet Peeves: Romulans
Nick Boragina

Germany 3 (1906)

Goofy claim to fame: Being overlooked in the grand scheme of things
Pet Peeves: Thanks to Fool, Toga, Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob and Rob, couldn't play in goofalot

Livonia 1 (S1901-EOG)

Ok, so maybe Edge didn't play in goofalot, but this guy is so beefy and manly, it's a shame not to have a picture of him. The hair! The muscles! The glasses! The dream man for closet homosexuals.