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The Powers of Goofalot
Austria (S1901-F1904)
Luie the Lich -

The undead leader of Austria.  Has a very old grandmother. Believes it's not necrophilia if the body is still warm. In 1901, convoyed arm shipment of arms to Arm.

England (S1901-S1906)
Churston Winchill -
Leader of England. Talks at length in an attempt to be goofy. After locating the North Sea, (it's to the east) proceeded to introduce several hundred bit characters into British Parliment. Possesses many bunions.
Benjamin Disreality -
Winchill's right-hand-man. Spent several months in the dungeon for prematurely voting. Reports of his zombification were greatly exaggerated. Shown here is Diz conducting negotiations to remove the six Dutch \/\/ind/\/\ills from England.

France (S1901-W1903) 
L'estat -
The rather ungoofy leader of France. Secretly dating Heather Locklear over the internet, and arranged to meet her in Minnie/St. Paul. Master of meta-goofing. Hates spam.

Germany (S1901-EOG)
That German Player Guy - A boring, pathetic loser, with a dead end job, no friends, no family, and no love life to speak of. But just <signon ggoofalot password> and you can BE That German Player Guy! Be a crazy party animal, without facing any consequences! Dance on the boss' desk to the music of Right Said Fred! Spray whipped cream down the pants of yourself and others!

<signoff> ....and back to a boring pathetic loser.
 Denniz PoP - Mastermind behind music sensations "The Backstreet Boys", Denniz (real name - Dag Volle) tried his hand at creating RULE-AS-ONE, a pop group hoping to unite Germany. Romantically involved with Holk.
Holk - Holk, Son of Kahless, is the only gay, dancing, singing Klingon in the entire universe. First to join RULE-AS-ONE.

"I don't want.....ANYbody else!!

when I think aBOUT you, I touch myself oh oohhh

I don't want, anybody else, oh no, no, no"
 David Hasselhoff - Already enjoying massive success in Germany, David was the first of many auditioners to be selected for RULE-AS-ONE.
Christopher Reeve - After his miraculous recovery from a devastating spinal injury, Chris joined the boy-band Sensation RULE-AS-ONE which leads Germany and tops the Pop Charts. His microphone is purposefully left turned off. Believes "Dogstar" rocks hard. He is shown here, negotiating with his agent about filming sequels to The Matrix.
Several Thousand Bucks Bunny - Oryctolagus cuniculus of the famliy Lagomorpha. Nearly killed in the smooshing of Munich, Denniz PoP revived STBB by attaching cybernetic devices to him in hopes of enhancing his singing ability.
William Shatner - The. Final. Member to. Join....rule-as-one. Proved his....singing-ability in. Commercial....for-price-line-dot-com.
 /\/\R. Dutch and /\/\R. PuPpeT - /\/\R. Dutch, leader of Holland, ruler of Germany, conquerer of England, and owner of VAST multi-national chain of successful /\/\C Dutch Hamburgers!  He is POWERFUL.  Don't
take that attitude with his puppet!
Kaiser Yoda - "Hmmm...take over abandoned Germany will I? Dissappear shortly after maybe?"

Had to confront Vader on the bridge of an Italian Romulan warbird. Was not heard from since.

Italy (S1901-W1903A)
A Silly, Quacking Duck - Branta canadensis of the family Anatidae. This leader of Italy was also known as "Fool". It is unknown as to whether the picture on the left is of the leader of Italy, or of a thermonuclear device.

Livonia (S1901-EOG)
- If the Devil's greatest accomplishment was convincing the world he didn't exist, then Livonia's greatest accomplishment was removing its big black dot off of all Diplomacy maps. Livonia is known for its cattle, fish, lumber and multitude of national holidays.


Master (S1901-EOG)
Furball - Felinus domesticus of the family Felidae. Troublemaker. Loves eating, sleeping, and screwing around with goofalot. Occasionally throws up on Spain and chews on units. Hunted a duck in Italy, but was foiled by a tactical nuclear weapon. Shown here is the GoofMaster reeling from a surprise assault by Furball.

"I hate you all. Now someone feed me."

Russia (S1901-F1909)
Tsar Ivan the Mildy Terrible - Clearly the goofiest player in goofalot. Did not receive one single vote until 1902. Somehow managed to stick around until 1909 without making an impression.

Turkey (S1901-F1906)
Kahless - Klingon warrior and religious figure among his people. Honoring the place were many klingon warriors died called Goo'FAlot. Hates Romulans, and warred with the Romans because of it. Consumed 47 pounds of spam in one sitting. Has disowned his son.
 Turad -Leader of the Turkish military group known as "The Bonkonauts". Succeeded in destroying the Romulans in Rome. Shown here is Turad leading his Bonkonauts in a move known as "the conga".
 Angela Lansbury and Sean Connery - Bonkonauts. Infected with a love virus. Managed to convince Turad and Kahless to eat spam, the warrior's food.